Friday, January 25, 2008

Bapak : Just for Cat lover

For My wife : Cat lover

I found this picture somewhere in this world..

I love to have this kind of cat , but It is much better if it came with full package of accessories.. the holder like this.

But don't angry and make me like always...
Love you ..mama

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bapak : New Saga Series with Accessories

Hai again...

I received an e-mail from my brother who had been involved in this New Saga Model /BLM ( Base Line Model ) project. My brother company is supplying body parts mold to proton or something like that... I am not really understand..

Proton had been desperately to sales their model after Perodua introduce MyV in Malaysian market. Beside of perodua service performance, it's structure , internal space and something new concept design cause many customer change their selection.

Now, Proton strike back. At beginning New Saga lunch with 4 categories with price range RM30k ~40k gives Malaysian more choice to select. Another rumours that Proton will introduce new model with sporty accessories as attach pictures and NGV power fuels model.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bapak : Busted... Kantoi...!

Hello Again...
I think Anis & Nazhan still busy with their school things...

Today today finding. I will share with you something that make me remember my childhood memory. Something that I still never missed to smile alone.
Can you see any strange inside this picture...?

Still cannot...? I done this and many others things during my boarding school and kantoi with our Pak Guard. Stroke ...of course 3 stroke from our beloved HM... playing with Public Telephone even though my house still have no telephone line. Stupid.. Do you remember... Public phone machine with orange color... Most easier to manipulate...

I think , now days ...machine is getting more canggih ...can cheated like this ...?

Naughty people...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bapak : Broken Water Tap...?

Dear Blogger..

This happened on last Saturday, our kitchen sink water tap broken. We still try to investigate and simulate how it happened and why....? Off course we found the suspect because only Anis will do this kind of wired things...

Anis was very shock and keep hiding at her room when I got home. Then for a while she approach to me with damage payment schedule. RM hundred for a year...? Where you get this idea...? I ask her. Without any reply, she keep smile like "kerang Busuk".

Basically if basic DIY. I can do by myself but this time...the water tap broken and left inside pipe point.
New water tap not so expensive. It cost me only RM28. Lucky I know where the local hardware supplier and distributor. But the most difficult is to find plumbing that can stand hearing your mother mumbling.... Plumber cost RM30 ringgit. This consider "my friend" price and special favour.
Remember Anis.. you have to pay RM0.20 every day. Basically from my pocket... ha..ha..

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Anis : Firas 10'th Birthday

Dear All Blogger

Today Sarah, Pija and I celebrated Firas 10'th birthday. Her birthday should be tomorrow ( 14 Jan 2008 ) but it is school day. Sooo... we celebrated today. Party started from 3pm but delayed to 4pm because Sarah had Takewando class. Left is my picture with Firas.

It was very fun and we all enjoyed very much.
Congratulation to Firas.

I gave F&N Strawberry Soft drinks as my Birthday gift. I am 8 years old girl without job.. how I want to buy expensive gift..? All depend with my Bapaks' pocket...Not enough money..

Firas & Pija

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bapak : My Canon IXUS 60 Return... !

Hai ... Dear Crazy bloggers

After for a while using my cellular camera with only 2Mpix, my passion come to the edge of the world. I cannot stand anymore with those kind of picture quality.

Today ... my Canon IXUS 60 already return from repair. Only change switch part, they charge it for RM250. This consider crazy and over charged by Canon service center.

Beside of that , I am very happy my Digital Camera return and we can enjoy taking picture on Sunday with my kids... Some time .. I feel I enjoyed more than my kids... almost time...

My saving still not enough for Cannon XLR type.. at least EOS350...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nazhan : My Copper / Helicopter Like Airwolf..!

Good Morning

This week I take looong Medical Leave due to Muzzle that I get last Monday. It was very gatal and I scrub my body all around.How about it....? Very nice ... wright...?

My father bought from my uncle two weeks ago. Original my heli is bigger than this one but I have difficulty to control it. So my father changed into smaller type because it is more easier to control and it is free. Why...? Because it is my Uncle... This heli can fly about 4.5 meter because it is indoor type. Just fine to me..........!

Here is some of my fathers' collection.